About Us

We are a protective coating applications company. Our coating solutions provide reliable, cost-effective alternatives to expensive alloy upgrades when evaluating corrosion resistant options.Handling both in-situ projects and in-shop capabilities allows us the flexibility to meet aggressive schedules. Scale, biological fouling and corrosion are common bottlenecks plaguing pipes in heat-transfer equipment. An ounce of prevention can save millions of dollars a year. By taking steps to ensure your equipment is optimized through proper tube coatings and cleaning procedures, you can see measurable, lasting results – reduction in costly downtime, inefficient energy loss, and a drop in the rate of capital equipment depreciation.

Curran International has developed an economic solution that not only extends the useful life of assets like heat exchangers and steam condenser tubes, but methods have proven to reduce normal maintenance and advance operational efficiency to peak business performance.

Curran’s patented coating methodology places it at the forefront of maintenance excellence. Curran International is the company-of-choice and a valued partner for turnaround projects of any size. Curran crews work around the clock and the world to meet your needs.

What we do: The range of coating applications

  • Patented heat exchanger tube coating system
  • Saekaphen (GmbH) coating technology
  • Duromar® Engineer Polymeric Systems
  • Exchanger channel and head
  • Tubesheet epoxy rebuilding
  • Condenser retubing
  • Condenser tube end repair
  • Waterbox epoxy coating
  • Vessel ID and pipe ID coating
  • HVAC chiller/condenser protective coatings
  • Immersion service protective coatings
  • Tube ID cleaning for NDT
  • Turbine blasting for NDT
  • Thermal spray – “metallized” coatings

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