Company History

For more than 25 years, Curran International has provided coatings solutions in-shop and on-site around the world. We are a protective coating applications company. Our solutions offer reliable, cost-effective alternatives to expensive pipe and tubular upgrades.

Curran International, formerly known as Bob Curran & Son, began operations in Florida during the 1980s. The firm served power and utility organizations in the southeast and other parts of the country. In the 1990’s, a power generation client invited Curran to participate in an evaluation project to restore corroded steam condenser tubes using thin-film epoxy linings. Coated tubes were proven to offer a highly effective alternative to a costly re-tubing of the condenser.  During the ensuing years, Ed Curran developed new techniques and improvements for dry abrasive surface preparation of small tubular IDs evolved into viable options. A significant development came in Curran’s mechanized coating lance for applying thin-film linings to full-length tube IDs. In 1996, Curran received a patent for this invention.

In 2000, the company established its operations in Houston, Texas, as a result of a growing demand from its petrochemical refinery clients. Curran’s client roster includes some of the world’s largest, best known names in the energy and chemicals industries.

Today, Curran International has a reputation for work done in Argentina, South Africa, the Caribbean, New Zealand, China and Italy. With contracted agents throughout Europe, the Middle East and Asia, Curran International is well positioned to serve industry operating anywhere.