Shop Capabilities

Shop equipment:

The Curran International shop is located in Dickinson, Texas a suburb of Houston. The shop is conveniently located in the heart of the Houston refinery sector, with easy access to Houston’s interstate system. The overall plant site is on about 17 acres, the shop is 20,000 square feet total, a concrete pad extended from the west end of the shop adds another 2,000 sq. ft usable area.

Sandblasting Booth: a 40’ L x 16’ W enclosed area with integral dust collection system

Spray Booth: a 60’L x 14’ W enclosed area with temperature controls and a ventilation system

Shop oven: 53’overall length, but typical usable length is about 48’ L x 13’ W x 8’ H natural gas convection oven, air circulates via a 35,000CFM system

Shop Overhead Crane: 25 ton overhead crane capable of covering the entire floor of the shop

Forklift Capabilities: The shop currently has a 14 ton forklift and a 2 ton forklift

Additional Information:

  • Zinc Phosphate plating
  • Powder coating
  • Electric arc metalizing
  • Gas metalizing
  • 2 sets of rails are laid out from the coating booth to oven, carts are rolled in/out; rails are also used to roll equipment in/out of the sandblast room.
  • 30,000 sq feet concrete decking allocated for trucking, parking and storage