Waterbox & Channel Coating

Curran International has provided expert in-situ protective coating applications of condenser waterboxes, channels and vessels for nearly 30 years, we mobilize manpower and equipment globally to service client needs. Curran applies 100% solids epoxy systems to client specifications, provides surface prep, vacuum containment, environmental controls and forced curing.

Curran International’s epoxy polymeric systems are 100% solids (O VOCs), offer superior cathodic protection, excellent release of mineral scale and organic foulant, and offer wide pH resistance. The Curran 500 system is offered in a liquid formulation for applications to 40 mils, and in a compatible paste grade that can be applied to 250 mils.

The polymeric system offers a protective layer to mild steel used for large fixed equipment in cooling water service; under deposit corrosion, galvanic attack and crevice corrosion. The coating systems are resistant to thermal cycling, and provide an inert barrier between conductive water and mild steel.

Coating application projects include:

  • All surface prep, include UHP water jet removal of an existing coating or liner
  • Treatment of non-soluble surface contaminants like chlorides, sulfates
  • Dry abrasive grit blast of substrate, vacuum dust and waste containment
  • Environmental controls using dehumidifiers & heaters
  • Application discipline, 100% inspection of coated surstrate
  • Post coating force curing
  • Mechanical repairs – installation of tube end alloy ferrules
  • Curran coating systems for waterboxes and channels

    Curran 500 – An advanced two-part 100% solids epoxy, versatile formulations manufactured; high build trowel applied material, sprayable, and brush and roll coating. Suitable for all power plant and chiller cooling water systems:

  • Condenser, HVAC chiller tube sheets, waterboxes
  • Circulation water piping, channels, marine boxes

  • Curran 1000R – An advanced two-part 100% solids novolac epoxy, a brush and roll material for high temperature immersion service in cooling water, hydrocarbons and process streams. Temperature resistant in water, steam to 365°F (185 °C); tolerates excursions/steam outs to + 400 (°F) 204 (°C). Suitable for:

  • Exchanger tube sheet coating
  • Tubesheet repairs of Curran 1000T coated exchangers

  • Curran 1200 – A high functionality two-part 100% solids novolac epoxy coating formulated for high-volume coating applications. Using a heated hose airless spray rig a single coat can be applied to 20-24 mils. May be used in tanks and vessels in hydrocarbon and solvent services,water/steam immersion temperature resistance to 365°F (185°C). Suitable for:

  • Process vessels/hydrocarbon tanks
  • Waterboxes, piping, channels, towers

  • Curran 1500 – A 100% solids hybrid novolac epoxy used to repair corroded steel, formulated to provide resistance in “cold wall” services, where coated substrate protects steel in hot immersion service and outer surfaces may be uninsulated. Atlas cell tested six-plus months deionized water at 210 F (98 C); pressurized Atlas Cell tested for 60 days de-ionized water at 365 F. When fully cured, 1500 is a machinable coating and can be used for flange repairs. Suitable for:

  • Uninsulated vessels & pipe ID in hot immersion service
  • Channels, bonnets, restoration of pitted steel
  • Case Studies

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