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Our business is going down the tubes.

Curran International is a company comprised of creative problem solvers and is known worldwide as a turnkey tubular heat transfer equipment solutions provider. We offer a wide range of product and services to the utility, petro-chemical, industrial, metal processing and pulp and paper industries. We at Curran specialize in providing a wide range of turnkey services that eliminate the need to contract several vendors to service your heat transfer equipment. We can handle all of your requirements using a mixed crew of our tubular heat transfer equipment specialists.

Utilizing Curran International as your full service turnkey solutions provider promotes streamlined quality projects that offer cost savings all while enhancing your equipment efficiency and reliability.

Handling both in-situ projects and in-shop capabilities allows us the flexibility to meet aggressive schedules. An ounce of prevention can save millions of dollars a year. By taking steps to ensure your equipment is optimized through proper cleaning, testing, inspection and repair service, you can see measurable, lasting results – reduction in costly downtime, inefficient energy loss, and a drop in the rate of capital equipment depreciation.

What we do

Heat Transfer Equipment Services

Curran’s ability to provide all inclusive turnkey solutions places it at the forefront of maintenance excellence. Curran International is the company-of-choice and a valued partner for turnaround, outage or emergency projects of any size. Curran crews work around the clock and the world to meet your needs.

  • *Patented heat exchanger tube coating system
  • *Media blast tube cleaning
  • *Mechanical tube cleaning
  • *Non-destructive testing services such as ECT, RFT, Near Field and IRIS
  • *Explosive Tube Plugging
  • *Full or partial length alloy tube sleeve, insert and liner installation
  • *Pressure and vacuum testing
  • *Tubesheet epoxy rebuilding
  • *Condenser and heat exchanger retubing
  • *Video probe inspection


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Inserts and full length Liners