Established in 1981, Curran International provides value added solutions to industrial complex heat exchangers and fixed equipment. We are globally known for foul release and corrosion resistant tube ID coating technologies at refinery, petrochemical, oil & gas, power generation and HVAC clients globally.

Curran International provides a wide range of Tubular Heat Transfer Equipment Services to repair corroded tubes and optimize inefficient heat exchangers. We have shop and field capabilities for all services; foul release and protective coatings; installation of full length alloy tube liners and ferrules; condenser re-tubing; and tube ID grit blast cleaning for NDE. Partnerships with specialized shops around the globe facilitate Curran International services and applications.



Curran International’s headquarters is located near Houston, Texas, and is the home of our 20,000 square foot shop with more than an acre of lay down and work area.

  • Grit blasting bay – 40’ L x 16’ W area with integral dust vacuum system
  • Coating bay – 60’L x 14’ W, temperature controlled and a ventilation system
  • Shop over is a natural gas fired convection, usable length is about 48’L x 13’W x 8’H; heat air circulates via a 35,000 CFM system
  • Shop crane and forklift capacity - 25 ton overhead crane, 11-ton and 2-ton forklifts

Curran International also has application shops in five location around the world:

Saudi Arabia


Curran International has completed projects in more than 30 countries for some of the largest enterprises in the refinery and petrochemical and power industries. We can provide nearly all of our services in the field.

  • Turnkey crews, 24/7 project execution
  • Proven safety performance, low EMR
  • Global equipment logistics & support


Since its inception, Curran has maintained an excellent safety record which has allowed our employees to "Go Home Safe" each day. We are tremendously proud of our safety record which is recognized and approved by leading global industrial clients. Curran International supports the right of every employee to "STOP WORK" and has a Short Services Employee Program to promote safe work and craft training.

Curran employees must submit to pre-employment screening. Curran is an active contractor member of ISNetworld and AVETTA (formerly PICs)


  • State of Louisiana Contractors License
  • Woman Owned Enterprise
  • NBBI "R" stamp