Thin Film Heat Exchanger Foul Release & Protective Coating

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  • Anti-fouling & corrosion protection for cooling water, produced water, and hydrocarbon process streams.
  • Curran 1000T, Baked phenolic, PFA and PTFE applications
  • Ultra-thin hydrophobic and oleophobic release hybrid coatings.
  • High temperature anti-coking coatings.
  • Shop and field applications; coatings to restore corroded tube IDs
  • Applications for straight tube and U tube exchangers, plate and frame exchangers, In-service equipment

Exchanger Restoration and Tube Repairs

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  • Full length alloy tube liners for repaid of corroded exchangers
  • Hydraulic expansion of tube-in-tube alloy liners; tube end ferrules & tube sleeves
  • Exchanger & condenser retubing; 'R' Stamp certified
  • Exchanger tube shell leak detection and roller expansion
  • Tube leak chasing using pneumatic testing
  • Tubesheet restoration using epoxy cladding

Corrosion Resistant Protective and Sacrificial Coatings

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  • 100% solids epoxy polymeric coatings for vessels, tubesheets.
  • "Non" stick corrosion resistant fluoropolymers;PFA,PTFE,ETFE, PPS
  • Epoxy cladding for tubesheet “rebuilding”
  • Thermal spray combustion alloy coatings
  • Exchanger channel & bonner coating
  • Vessel & pipe ID coating

Grit Blast Tube Cleaning for NDE

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  • Curran tube cleaning using dry grit, tube ID prep for RFt, ECT, IRIS
  • Tube cleaning for thermal efficiency, removal of tenacious scale
  • Process equipment; air coolers, sheel & tube exchangers
  • SRU waste heat bollers, tail gas units, reactors.
  • In-situ execution, dust and waste containment systems.