Corrosion Resistant Immersion Service Coating Applications

Curran International applies protective coatings to pressure vessels, drums, exchanger channels, bonnets and heads in corrosive services. Its experience applying highly functional immersion service coatings makes Curran International the right choice for meeting owner specifications.

Immersion service applications are offered using a wide range of protective coating technologies; Curran 1200 and 1500 functional epoxy systems, Durapol hybridized epoxy, ChemoursTM Ruby Red PFA and StreaMaxTM, TeflonTM, PTFE, ETFE fluoropolymers, Saekaphen, Advanced Polymers, Carboline and PPG. These coating systems protective fixed equipment operating in crude refining, petrochemical, pulp and paper, mining, power generation and waste recovery plants.

Reactor vessel, ID coated with Curran 1200
Reactor vessel, ID coated with Curran 1200, external painted using 3 coat system for improved protection.

Curran also applies thermally sprayed alloy coatings; using electric arc method to apply alloy 825, C276, 625, stainless steel.

Alloy pipe elbow, ID coating with FBE
Alloy pipe elbow, ID coating with FBE.

The Curran gas fired convection oven can bake-catalyze coatings to 750F, and is large enough to accommodate pipe to 45’ in length and vessels to about 80” diameter. A dry abrasive surface prep chamber is fully contained, and applications can be scheduled year round in a temperature controlled coating chamber. Overhead crane capacity supports 25-tons, ample concrete lay down area is on site.

Curran offers turnkey field coating project execution globally – we have worked around the globe for more than 25 years. Contact Curran to discuss your service conditions and specification parameters and ITP requirements.

Air cooler – plate type – tube IDs coating with baked phenolic coating
Air cooler – plate type – tube IDs coating with baked phenolic coating

Curran applied high functionality coatings:

Curran 1200 – A sprayable two part (100% solids) epoxy coating designed for high temperature immersion service in water and process streams (365 F, 185 C); applied to 20 mils DFT in a single coat. e 365 °F (185 °C) qualified immersion services.

Curran 1500 – A hybrid paste grade two part (100% solids) hybrid epoxy coating designed for channels, small vessels, bonnets, heads; immersion service in water, hydrocarbons, and process streams (up to 365 F, 185 C). 1500 offers excellent cold wall resistance.

Durapol UHT – A solvent free hybridized epoxy with excellent chemical resistance, including H2S and amines, some immersion services to 374F; applied to 24-32 mils in a single coat.

Baked Phenolic – Dense, tightly adhered thin-film resins, wide chemical resistance for chemical storage and transport applications. Shop applied and baked catalyzed on new fabrication steel substrate, qualified immersion services to 360F.

PTFE Non-Stick Coatings – Low surface energy, high-temperature resistance and superior chemical resistance are the key benefits of these coatings. PTFE, PFA, FEP and ETFE fluoropolymer resins applications for pressure vessels, pipe ID, and valves.

StreaMax™ – Fluoropolymer coating system designed to prevent fouling, offers high permeation resistance. Excellent non-stick and product release, for some services up to 500F. Applications for exchanger tube IDs, pipe ID, and vessels.

TSA – Thermal combustion coating using alloy wire, thin layer of alloy slows corrosion, protects from galvanic attack. Sealers are available to extend the service life of a thermal sprayed coating. Curran has experience performing work in-situ during critical schedules.