Curran International offers tube sheet coating services to restore condensers and exchangers for years of reliable performance. Our tube sheet coating system uses 100% solids and provides a barrier to cooling water erosion. Tube sheet coating also protects against galvanic attack when alloy tubes are used for cooling water.

Curran 500 is a robust polymeric system that encapsulates the crevice joint between tube and tube sheet joints and adds mechanical strength to restore operational integrity for years. This high gloss application resists cooling water fouling and scale attachment. Curran 500 is specified for use on steal condensers, lube oil coolers, Balance of Plant Exchangers, and HVAC chillers.

Eroded Condenser Tube Sheet
Condenser tube sheet after years in sea water service. A combination of galvanic attack and erosion at inlet tube sheets reduced operating integrity.

The Curran 500 tube sheet coating system is suitable for cooling tower, natural source (fresh or saltwater), and reservoir cooling water systems. It is an immersion service coating and resistant in all cooling water services. A protective system can be achieved in a two-coat brush and roll application. A trowel-applied component is used when a high build epoxy cladding is specified to restore pitted tube sheets.

Curran International provides expert field coating applications for condenser tube sheet and water box coating projects and plant maintenance outages.

Tube Sheet Coating Restoration
Curran tube sheet coating restoration, performed in-situ. The thick film epoxy coating application sealed joint crevices and restored tube sheet with a protective barrier. A coating plug is used to form a flared opening into the tube ID.

Curran Services

  • Tube sheet and waterbox coating
  • Turnkey coating project application services
  • Retube services, alloy tube liners and ferrules
  • Tube leak detection, tube plugging

The Curran product line includes high functionality novolac epoxy used for refinery and petrochemical plants where operating temperatures can be up to 365F. It has high capillarity, wetting all surface contours, and wide pH resistance.

Curran International uses 100% solids epoxy coatings for industrial applicators. Contact us for additional data and product cost.

Curran 500

An advanced two part 100% solids epoxy (0 VOCs) with versatile formulations to satisfy a range of application specifications. It is formulated in a brush or roller applied system, and as a paste grade repair version can be clad to 250 mils total DFT. Curran 500 provides outstanding immersion protection in all water services and excellent performance against cathodic disbondment.


  • Tube sheet coating
  • Restore and protect pitted tube sheets
  • Water box, marine box coating

Curran 1000R

An advanced two-part 100% solids novolac epoxy—a brush and roll material for high temperature immersion service in cooling water, hydrocarbons and process streams. Curran 1000R is temperature resistant in water and steam up to 365°F (185 °C). Curran 1000R is best suitable for exchanger tube sheet coating and tubesheet repairs of Curran 1000T heat exchanger coating.


  • Exchanger tube sheet coating
  • Tube sheet repairs of Curran 1000T coated exchangers

Curran 1500

A 100% solids hybrid novolac epoxy used to repair corroded steel, machinable, used for flange repairs. Curran 1500 is formulated to provide resistance in 'cold wall' services and atlas cell tested deionized water at 210 F (98 C). Curran 1500 is recommended for uninsulated vessels & pipe ID in hot immersion service along with channels, bonnets, and restoration of pitted steel


  • Uninsulated vessels & pipe ID in hot immersion service
  • Channels, bonnets, and restoration of pitted steel

Contact Curran International about your tube sheet coating requirements and we can help restore your condensers and exchangers for years of reliable performance.