Tubesheet Epoxy Cladding

Steam condenser performance is impacted when tube and tubesheet sealing joint is leaking. Curran repairs and restores condenser tubesheets using epoxy cladding; deterioration due to galvanic corrosion and velocity erosion can cause boiler and turbine performance issues. For more than a generation Curran has provided condenser restoration using 100% solids epoxy cladding systems.

Curran coating systems have been used for all cooling water services, closed circulation, natural reservoir, and salt water condenser systems to protect steam condenser tubesheets, water boxes, marine boxes, channels and circulation piping. Our high functionality 100% solids epoxy coatings are available to industrial applicators worldwide.

Waterboxes, channels, marine boxes, and circulation piping are primarily constructed of carbon steel or cast iron, and are subject to galvaniccorrosion, velocity erosion. Curran 100% solids epoxy coatings can be airless sprayed or brush and rolled, yielding a high gloss impenetrable finish to protect these essential components.

Curran provides condenser re-tubing for turn-key restoration projects. Curran has global project experience, mobilizing field project teams for expert, in-situ coating applications. Our high functionality 100% solids epoxy coatings are available to industrial applicators worldwide.

Curran coatings for tubesheets

Curran 500 – Advanced two part 100% solids epoxy (0 VOCs) with versatile formulations to satisfy a range of application specifications. It is formulated in a brush or roller applied system, and as a paste grade repair version can be clad to 250 mils total DFT.

  • Outstanding immersion protection in all water services
  • High gloss finish, excellent foul release; reduction in drag
  • Excellent performance against cathodic disbondment

  • Curran 1000R – An advanced two-part 100% solids novolac epoxy, a brush and roll material for high temperature immersion service in cooling water, hydrocarbons and process streams. Temperature resistant in water, steam to 365°F (185 °C). Suitable for:

  • Exchanger tube sheet coating
  • Tubesheet repairs of Curran 1000T coated exchangers

  • Curran 1500 – A 100% solids hybrid novolac epoxy used to repair corroded steel, formulated to provide resistance in “cold wall” services, where coated substrate protects steel in hot immersion service and outer surfaces may be uninsulated. Atlas cell tested six-plus months deionized water at 210 F (98 C); pressurized Atlas Cell tested for 60 days de-ionized water at 365 F. When fully cured, 1500 is a machinable coating and can be used for flange repairs. Suitable for:

  • Uninsulated vessels & pipe ID in hot immersion service
  • Channels, bonnets, restoration of pitted steel

  • Curran provides:

  • Turnkey application services, including all surface prep and forced curing
  • Tube end repairs; trimming & facing to uniform projection; flaring; alloy ferrules
  • In-situ containment & environmental systems to optimize project schedules
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