Thermal Spray Alloy Coating

Corrosion resistant alloys can be spray applied using combustion thermal spray method. Curran uses gas acetylene and electric arc methods of spraying alloy wires; both can be utilized in the field to apply coatings to in-service fixed equipment.

Thermal Spray applications:

  • Coating under insulation (CUI) of pipe, vessels, exchanger shells
  • Atmospheric protective coating for pipe, structural steel
  • Offshore production risers, flowlines, wellhead systems
  • Specified for internal corrosion control of drums
  • Electric arc method facilitates greater production rates and a denser coating deposition. Gas acetylene rig allows for more portable applications and coating touch up in-situ.

    Curran has experience applying a range of alloys and meeting the end client coating specifications using Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Nickel/Chrome/Moly alloys, Zinc/Aluminum alloy, and surface hardening materials.

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    Case Studies

    Coating Cooling Water Exchangers:

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    Exchanger Parts Coating:

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    Tube Condition Coated vs Uncoated

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