Other Materials (PFA and Sol Gels)

Curran International can apply any coating specified. The following are a few of the other materials we apply. Curran provides ultra thin coatings for exchangers in crude fouling services; a range of engineered polymers and hybrid materials can be applied to satisfy operating parameters of process critical exchangers. These coatings improve tube lubricity and reduced surface tension – providing improved release in crude and slurry fouling services. The coating material and application scope is developed based on operating conditions. Contact Curran International for additional details

  • Phenolic Coatings: Shop applied, thermoset polymers, suitable for various services up to 365F
  • Excellent foul release; reduction in surface friction
  • PFA/PTFE Coatings: Shop applied, heat cured, thermos melt, superior resistance in corrosive services
  • Sol Gel Coatings: Hybrid organic/inorganic, ceramic SiO “backbone” with organic components, applied at 15 to 40 microns( < 2 mils total DFT)plate & frame, tube bundles in process critical services.Super thin film Sol Gel Coatings.
  • Case Studies

    Coating Cooling Water Exchangers:

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    Exchanger Parts Coating:

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    Tube Condition Coated vs Uncoated

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