Anti-foul Coatings: Curramix, Sol Gel, PFA/PTFE

Curran International applies the world’s most advance thin-film coatings to prevent fouling in critical operation heat exchangers. Low surface energy coatings offer solutions for exchangers in crude refining units where product fouling and increasing head pressure impacts duty and energy demand. Curran tube ID applications reduce friction of substrate and have proven value in crude preheaters, FCC bottoms and slurry exchangers, vacuum bottoms, heavy gas oil.

Using advanced organic and inorganic materials Curran applications reduce fouling factor in heat exchangers; the thin film application lowers surface tension of steel to 30 dynes/cm2, improving release and sheer performance in normal operation. Coatings for hydrocarbon operations to 750F are available.

The coatings are oleophobic and hydrophobic; and Curran applications have improved performance tubular and plate/frame exchangers in crude operations.


An anti-coking inorganic ceramic, applied in one coat to 12 – 38 microns thickness. Curramix offers excellent foul release, oleophobic & hydrophobic, and thermoshock resistant. Curramix is used on tube exchangers and plate and frame exchangers.

Danish Technological Institute (DTI)

A low surface energy hydrophobic coating, applied at 5 – 40 microns film thickness. DTI is applied to tubular, and plate & frame exchangers in crude derived services and produced water services.

Chemours StreaMax™

A non-stick release fluoropolymer with excellent adhesion to applied surfaces and high permeation resistance. The very low friction coefficient of Chemours StreaMax™ prevents fouling of exchangers in oil production and crude refining.

Sol Gel Coatings

A polymer surface treatment; omniphobic (water and oil repellant) nanocomposite surface treatment that creates slick surface. Applied to 50 mils; water and product services to 400F.

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