Turbine Component Prep for NDE

Curran International provides on-site/in-situ dry abrasive surface prep of components for NDE inspection for rotating equipment, combined cycle, gas and coal-fired steam turbines. The turbine grit blasting surface prep provides the power station with an optimal cleaning of critical turbine components yielding high integrity NDE/NDT inspections.

All work is performed using dust containment systems that eliminate nuisance dust and debris, and completely contain all dry waste debris. The turbine blasting will remove all turbine scale to a surface cleanliness for NDE inspection.

Curran has the capital equipment inventory to support maintenance outages anywhere in North America. Our technicians have experience using aluminum oxide, glass bead, steel shot, and some other mineral abrasives depending on the client specification. Curran International has longstanding turbine blasting contracts with major client utilities and can meet a wide range of OEM specifications.

Curran International’s turbine blasting services include cleaning of the following turbine parts:

  • Rotors
  • Blade Rings
  • Diaphragms
  • Valve Components and Bodies
  • Inner, Outer, and Fixed Lower Shells
  • Studs, Nuts, and Washers
  • Curran International also provides in-situ dry abrasive surface prep for boiler and exhaust path components such as Induction Draft (ID) and Forced Draft (FD) fans.

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